Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's first 100 days

Here is what I would like to see Obama and the new congress focus on during the first 100 days after they're sworn in next year:

  1. Get his tax policy onto the floor of congress and passed so we can start working our way back toward a surplus a.s.a.p.
  2. Work with Congress, the governors, and state legislatures to redefine marriage as a strictly religious institution. The government will instead issue Civil Unions to each pair of consenting adults with all the current benefits.
  3. Begin troop draw down in Iraq, increase presence in Afghanistan. Ideally, capture bin Laden.
  4. Meet with G[7/8], NAFTA, and appropriate U.N. councils to:
    1. Define worldwide emissions standards and get them onto the floor of congress to be passed a.s.a.p.
    2. Get Russia out of Georgia, replace their troops with U.N. peacekeepers.
    3. Expedite and improve aid to African Union troops in Darfur.
  5. Revive the SCHIP coverage debate and get that back on the floor of congress so he can sign it into law.
  6. Implement strict restrictions on line item vetoes to avoid their abuse by any future president.

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